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Kemono Friends gets a large popularity among Japanese anime fans. Anime audiences on Twitter are talking about the anime unanimously. According to this data, the number of tweets on Ep5 exceeds 30,000, which is nearly 10 times that of Ep1.

It depicts an adventure journey of a human girl named “Kaban-chan (Bag-chan)” and animal girls called “Friends”, and various animal girls appear. It suggests that human being has already been in an extinction.

Although it is an cell-look 3DCG animation based on Nexon’s mobile game, the game unfortunately discontinues operation before the anime is on air. The players are far fewer than the anime audiences and there are few testimonials of impressions about the game, but it seems to depict prequel to the anime’s story.

Since Ep2, early adaptors called “discussion group” who consider the background of that world have increased and spread little by little. Especially in the recent a week, geeks imitating the lines in the play sucha as “Amaaaazing” and “Friends” have increased sharply. The rapid spread of the popularity is compared with a pandemic.

Why are geeks attracted to the anime?

Animal girls called “Friends” are very kind-hearted. You can watch it happily and easily without understanding complicated terms and settings. However, you are able to enjoy considering deeply (or imaging deeply the background story). The amount of information on the screen is low and so you won’t be tired to watch it.

As for buzz phenomenon, you easily communicate each other via buzz phrases such as “Amaaaazing” and “Friends” .

That is Amaaaazing!

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